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Interlochen Public Library

ALA’s Libraries Transforming Community Book Discussion

Thank You to our participants!

In our first discussion, the group shared their personal stories in a judgment-free environment. These stories were raw, emotional, and very real. Each participant showed a mutual feeling of respect, allowing the group to continue sharing and diving deeper, making our discussion meaningful and impactful.

July's book series discussion built on the progress we made in June. The group felt comfortable with one another, which led to a discussion that defined terminology based on substance misuse. We were able to discuss more openly and objectively, which promises an exciting meeting for August. We will focus on how substance misuse affects our community and how the library fits in with local resources geared towards recovery and prevention.

The topic of addiction doesn't have to be personal.

You do not have to be personally affected by addiction to benefit from this book discussion. This discussion series is about starting conversations based on topics that affect the health and future of our community. It is about learning to connect with others and listening to real people's stories about complex and challenging issues in a safe, judgment-free environment.

Each participant's experience is unique.

It is not our intention for this series to end all drug or alcohol addiction or substance abuse. We understand that participants may not be comfortable sharing their experiences with a group. That is ok. We intend to get the conversation started about how our community can learn to relate and be aware of what is affecting so many around us. My goal for this series is to engage our community in a meaningful way that fosters reading, learning, and inspiration.

We are very grateful for this opportunity to gift the community with these books. Thanks to a special grant from ALA: Rural Libraries Transforming Communities. The books are free and yours to keep. We are also thankful to our series participants willing to try and address a very sensitive topic and to the authors who bravely shared their stories. We are so grateful to all that joined our previous discussions and hope you can participate on Thursday, August 19th. We hope you can join us in our next book in the series, The Big Hustle by Jim Wahlberg