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Interlochen Public Library

The Friends are a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated solely to supporting the Library through volunteerism and fundraising.  

A band of determined volunteers set up the first library in Green Lake Township in 1976.   They were allotted space in the township hall’s community room.  Operations began with donated books, shelves built by the local Lions Club, and cast-off furniture.  Those volunteers staffed the makeshift library for several years and when the IPL was officially formed in 1983, they became the Friends of IPL.   The Friends donated funds for the Library’s first space adjacent to the Golden Fellowship Hall and for renovations to that space in the early 2000s.   When the new library building was envisioned the Friends pledged and raised $150,000 toward the current library.  

Throughout those intervening 3-plus decades the Friends have provided support for library programming and operations.   Through now classic community events such as the plant sale and book sale the Friends raise an average of $15,000 each year to support the summer reading programs, book groups, art groups and new additions to the collection of books, magazines and digital material.   In addition the Friends provide volunteers for many Library events.

Joining the Friends is an excellent way to become a part of the Library’s tradition of serving our patrons through access to information and technology  helping to grow and serve a vibrant, resilient community.   Click HERE for an application to join the Friends group.